Minä Perhonen

Black Clogs

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Leather clogs with a low heel by beloved Japanese designer Minä Perhonen. Features a flexible sole, unlike many clogs which are made of wood, resulting in a comfortable and walkable slip on sandal. The toe is slightly pointed, and the shoe has a two inch heel. A tiny gold colored butterfly detail sits atop each shoe, adding the perfect Minä Perhonen touch: the name of the brand means "I, butterfly".

Available in European shoe sizes; shoe runs slightly small, so we recommend a 37 for a size 6, 38 for for a 7, and so on.

Made in Japan.

Minä Perhonen

Minä Perhonen was established in 1995 by Japanese fashion desiger Akira Minagawa, who celebrates his longstanding ties to Scandinavian culture and strives to produce clothes that retain their allure over time. He first visited Finland as a young man, and was inspired to make many beautiful designs like those of the butterflies' wings; from there came the name minä meaning 'I' and perhonen meaning 'butterfly.' Minagawa's design process begins with sketches, which are then turned into storytelling textiles. Minä Perhonen aspires to continually develop new materials and techniques, collaborating with many designers and producers in Japan and abroad.  

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