Claska Do

Cypress Tray

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This small tray is made of hinoki cypress wood and makes for a special setting to place one's coffee and a treat or a sandwich. Slightly beveled edges add elegance to a simple design.

  • Since natural wood is used, the color and grain of each piece will be different.
  • The oil and fat of the cypress may seep out and become like stains. This is a vegetable oil with antibacterial activity, which gives it a luster as a natural wax, repels moisture, and is the source of the scent and insect repellent ingredients peculiar to Japanese cypress. Please be assured that there is no harm to the human body.
  • If you are concerned about the stickiness of the surface, you can remove it to some extent by wiping it off with absolute ethanol or alcohol.

Made in Japan.


8 by 6 x 1/4 inches


When washing, rinse with water or hot water so as not to leave detergent, and dry thoroughly. Mold may form if a large amount of water remains.