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Cotton Daisy Necklace, Light Indigo

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This necklace is made from scraps of indigo and persimmon juice dyed threads that are rolled into pebble-like shapes and strung together on 14kgf gold thread. Each necklace is made by hand so slight variations in length and overall balance will be apparent from one piece to the next. Please be careful to not wet the necklace or pull on it too aggressively.   



Cotton, 14kgf gold thread

Suno & Morrison

Suno & Morrison is a Japanese brand founded by Yukino Saito, and is known for its variety of scarves, home fabrics, and jewelry made from an age-old technique of "gara-bou", or hand spun yarn made of organic cotton. Gara-bou yarn is exceptionally soft to the touch, and is made on an ancient Japanese spinning machine. Not surprisingly, the technique is in danger of vanishing completely. Through Suno & Morrison's dedication to the craft, we are able to enjoy the unique quality and texture of gara-bou through long lasting goods that bring pleasure to daily life. 

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