Anne Black


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Designer Anne Black's series Kyst ('seashore' in Danish) is a handmade tableware collection inspired by the sea.  

Anne Black's ceramics combine Nordic simplicity and superior craft into functional handmade designs. These hand thrown porcelain cups are sustainably manufactured in a fair trade workshop in Vietnam. The handmade quality of these ceramics is evident in the slight differences in shape from one piece to the next, which emphasizes their uniqueness.


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3.1" x 2.75"


Hand wash, not dishwasher safe




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Anne Black

Anne Black is a Copenhagen based ceramicist who´s career evolves around her devotion to applied arts & craftsmanship. Her excitement of working hands-on with the clay were initially inspired by studying ancient Chinese porcelain in school.  Originating from the Scandinavian design tradition, she creates functional timeless design all done with a particular focus on craftsmanship.  Her studio is based in a classical old apartment, on Vesterbro in Copenhagen. There she maintains all her design and development as well as collaborations and a limited production of one-off pieces. In 2005 Anne transformed her pottery skills and workshop into a development project, when she created a ceramic factory, in the north of Vietnam. There she had the chance to work closely with skilled artisans with whom she exchanged ideas, knowledge and inspiration.  Today the facility is an environmentally sustainable factory with artisans who produce Anne's porcelain, with meticulous skill, by hand, day by day.

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