Extra Large Bowls, 8.5" Diameter

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Extra large bowl complete with a rough, satisfying finish. Available in two sizes which are stackable: shallow and deep. Each sold separately.

Formed from porcelain made from natural Amakusa pottery stones and mixed with potter's clay, the appeal of Hasami Porcelain lies in its tactile feel on one's lips and clasped in one's hands.

Compared to earthenware, this bowl has a pulled-together leanness to it. Completely unadorned, its pure, clean lines echo the foundation of Japan's traditional shapes and forms. Its contours are derived from its function and production process. Made in Hasami, a ceramic district in Nagasaki, Japan. 

Available at this dimension in two sizes:

Shallow: 2 1/8" height

Deep: 2 7/8" height



Dishwasher and microwave safe.