Minä Perhonen

Forest Ring Skirt

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Skirt with a unique print depicting vintage-inspired circular forms.

This skirt features a bold textile produced by Japanese designer Minä Perhonen. Perfect for all occasions.

Model is 5'8", wearing a size 38.

Size Guide34 - XS | 36 - S | 38 - M | 40 - L | 42 - XL

Made in Japan

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Wash separately on delicate, dry immediately


100% cotton


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Minä Perhonen

Finnish for "I butterfly", Minä Perhonen was established in 1995 by Japanese fashion designer Akira Minagawa, who celebrates his longstanding ties to Scandinavian culture and strives to produce clothes that retain their allure over time. The design process begins with sketches, which are then turned into story-telling textiles. Minä Perhonen aspires to develop new materials and techniques, collaborating with many designers and producers in Japan and abroad.  

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