Vive La Difference

Green Test Bag

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Dyed, washed, and specially treated to give the leather a pre-worn look.

The treatment enhances the shades of color and maintains a refined unevenness. Includes a detachable strap, short handles and a protector to contain the bag when not in use; interior provides a zipper and open pocket.


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100% leather


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Vive La Difference

Vive la Difference was set into motion by the Italian designer Giulia Petrò in 2004. Before starting her own brand, Giulia worked for a decade as a freelance textile designer for both interiors and fashion, collaborating with many important textile companies. After mastering the knowledge of textile design, she decided to create a line of accessories of her own. Giulia's first intuition was to pour her experience into the manufacturing of leather accessories. The leather she uses for Vive la Difference is treated like textiles with creative a mixture of washing, dyeing, and spraying techniques. All the treatments are meant to accentuate the unique feel of the leather, while the singular shades of colors create a nuance of vintage taste. Vive la Difference's key aesthetic is the exploration of what is different. Their bags are rich in uniqueness and bold in style. Never boring or predictable, their style is simultaneously divergent and fresh.

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