Takashi Endo

Small Mug

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Maintaining a balance between strength and delicacy, this small mug features a gorgeous array of organic textures and colors.

Petite and features a slender handle. Lightweight yet sturdy, it pairs well with other ceramics by Takashi Endo. A beautiful addition to any home.

Observe how each piece evolves over time. The active compounds within the open clay absorb the aromas of its surroundings and matures with the memory of each tea it has brewed. The glazed interior walls of the lighter cups allow for interchangeable uses of lighter teas, while the silver and dark cups suggests darker black and pu-erh teas.

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3.3" (including handle) x 2.8"


Hand wash, not dishwasher or microwave safe.




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Takashi Endo

Upon an observer’s eye, Kanagawa-based ceramicist artist Takashi Endo seems to immerse his creative vision in the essence of Enso; the Japanese interpretation of a “circle”.  It carries expressions of minimalism, elegance and a strength which drives enlightenment. Self-taught, his potter's work is characterized by thinness, its lightweight and rigid forms, rough textures, and monochromatic tones. Unlike many Japanese potters, Endo admits he is less concerned with the daily functionality of his vessels than producing work that satisfies his creative vision. 

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