Linen Teamat

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Mud-dyed tea mat with a print inspired by the stars, by Japanese duo Tomotake. Handmade in Japan. Perfect for use as a tea mat or decorative mat anywhere in the home.

Handwash only; when washing, soak the entire mat, but do not let sit in water for a few minutes; use natural soap only; lay flat to dry.


8 1/8 x 13 1/2 inches


hand wash only


100% linen


Tomotake is the brainchild of husband and wife team Masahiro and Hiroko Tomotake. The pair began their collaboration in 2005, when they set about reimagining Masahiro’s fine art pieces as useful objects that could fit seamlessly into every day life. In order to achieve this, they turned to textiles and developed their signature mud dyeing and painting technique, or dorozome. Their textiles products are dyed using tannin and iron, hand painted with mud, and sometimes embellished with fine embroidery details that bring out the cuteness of a stuffed animal cat, or the brilliant yellow color of sliced pineapples on a coaster. The care that goes into each piece is evident in the organic, hand made quality of the painted designs and stitch lines, the slight deviations in contour between the pieces, and the flawless finish that makes each item such a joy to behold.

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