Takashi Endo


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A small, cylindrical teapot with a slender handle, flat lid and built-in ceramic mesh to strain tea leaves. Perfect for single servings. Lightweight yet sturdy, it pairs well with other ceramics by Takashi Endo. Features a gorgeous texture and shimmering black glaze.


5" (including spout and handle) x 4.6"


Hand wash, not dishwasher or microwave safe.



Takashi Endo

Kanagawa-based ceramicist Takashi Endo immerses his creative vision in the essence of "enso," the Japanese interpretation of the circle. It carries expressions of minimalism, elegance, and a strength which drives enlightenment. Delicate lines and sturdy fabrication make each object by Takashi Endo stand out.  Self-taught, his potter's work is characterized by thinness, its lightweight and rigid forms, rough textures, and monochromatic tones. Unlike many Japanese potters, Endo admits he is less concerned with the daily functionality of his vessels than producing work that satisfies his creative vision. Endo's work makes a lovely addition to any home nonetheless, whether integrated into daily life or reserved for special occasions. 

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