Tamaki Niime

Woven Cotton Basic Big Shawl (I)

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No two scarves by Tamaki Niime are alike; each is made with banshu weaving style, using vintage looms and the saki-zome technique of pre-dying before weaving. 

Large enough to be worn as a wrap. Hand-made in Hyogo, Japan.


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41" x 71"


Dry clean only


100% cotton


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Tamaki Niime

Tamaki Niime uses vintage looms to create one-of-a-kind shawls out of cotton and a mix of silk or wool, depending on the season. Her work is characterized by a technique called saki-zome (pre-dying the thread before weaving), drawing from traditions dating back to 1792. Niime founded the brand in 2006, drawing inspiration from nature and architecture. In 2012, Niime began growing organic cotton with the goal of sourcing materials with 100% traceability in the future. Each garment is delicate and feathery to the touch, with shawls that are large enough to be worn as a wrap.

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