Hakarenai Mono wo Hakaru / Unmeasurable Things / Le cose in-misurabili by Ayumi Kudo

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The warmth of emotion, the closeness of a loved one, the weight of hopes and wishes: so many things in life cannot be gauged in numbers, though we can surely feel their power. Taking time out to try to measure those unmeasurable things means inching just a bit closer to their essence― do it, and you might even come to look on people and the past with a little more affection and gain a little more positive outlook on life. This collection of forty-nine unmeasurables in humorous words and pictures will gently gladden your heart when you’re feeling worn down and will make a wonderful gift, too!


Money can be measured; life cannot.
To measure the unmeasurable, you need a scale inside your soul that isn’t marked.

——Shuntaro Tanikawa”

Author(s): Ayumi Kudo
Illustrator(s): Ayumi Kudo
Translation: Antonio Arpaia, Seiko Uyeda
Design: Chikako Oguma
7.7 x 0.3 x 7.1 inches
60 pages