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Washi Tape Set

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This water-resistant masking tape is made from Japanese rice paper. Washi tape is not as thick as most crepe paper masking tapes, so it is better suited for corners and leaves a finer line. Suitable on paper, objects, and even walls, the tape is also semi-transparent so one can layer pieces for more intense colors.

The light set includes: rose pink, lavender, ninjin (carrot), salmon pink, wakanae (sapling), wakamidori (verdant green), baby blue, mizu (water), tamago (egg), himawari (sunflower)

The dark set includes: wine, haimurasaki (ash purple), ruri (lapis), asahanada (shallow indigo), aonibi (will-o'-the-wisp), beige, uguisu (nightingale), cork, cocoa, peacock


0.6 inches x 33 ft