Chashaku Soot Bamboo

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A Chashaku (matcha scoop) handmade by the 25th generation bamboo craftsman Tanimura Yasaburo (谷村弥三郎) in the village of Takayama, Nara prefecture, Japan using the highest quality local bamboo.

A simple yet elegant scoop made with soot bamboo in the classic nakabushi style (middle node style), this chashaku is perfect for measuring out the desired amount of matcha.

Soot Bamboo is harvested from the attics and ceilings of old houses with thatched roofs and is characterized by a unique brownish or amber color that naturally develops as it is smoked by the smoke from the hearth over 100-200 years. This bamboo is used for tea ceremony and flower arrangement, and it is not a naturally occurring type of bamboo like moso bamboo and madake bamboo.

Dried for several months, bent, and chiseled by hand, each scoop is unique in its character. 

Pair with Traditional Chawan Matcha Bowl

7" L


hand wash only, air dry