Farmer's Felt Double Case Nest Ink Blue

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This two pocket case keeps your cards close at hand. Cotton fabric lining added to inside pockets for durability. Our signature cut brass snap closure riveted to flap. Farmer’s Felt Nest washi. Handmade in Japan.

Farmer's Felt is a material developed by Postalco to create its first completely leather-free and vegetarian wallet. An interlocked vegetable fiber felt, it is made mainly with kozo (paper mulberry) and is less than half the weight of leather of the same thickness. The exceptionally thick hand-screened washi is less like paper and more like a layer of felt. With use, the wallet fibers will relax and develop a subtle sheen. 

The two pocket case folds out into small compartments perfect for carrying coins, folded bills, and credit cards. Can carry up to 16 credit cards. It folds flat when empty but pockets pop open. Postalco's signature brass cut snap closure is riveted to the flap. 

Kozo is an entirely renewable resource. The felt is acid free and archival. Chlorine-free bleaching process used with no heavy metals in the dying or coloring. No nitrogen dioxide or sulfur dioxide are emitted during paper manufacturing. Waste fibers are recycled during the making process. 



4 1/2 x 3 inches