Studio Fresco

Kasumi Bowl, Grey

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Kasumi means mist or haze in Japanese, and this series of glassware from Japanese brand Studio Fresco highlights this aspect by creating semi-translucent clouds of color that lighten and darken in parts. By drawing attention to the haze, the glassware makes the invisible elements of light and air visible.

The Kasumi bowl comes in three different sizes and features a soft, almost organic form devoid of hard edges. The sides of the plate are raised and thin; the base is thicker and darker than the rest of the glass. Each item is handmade, so the contours and colors will differ slightly from one piece to the next. 

Handmade in Japan. 


Extra-Small: 5 inches in diameter & 1.3 inches high. Small: 7 inches in diameter & 1.75 inches high. Medium: 9.5 inches in diameter & 2.5 inches high.


Not dishwasher or microwave safe. Handle with care.