Tenugui, Shiba Dogs

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This clever tenugui features a pattern of patient Shiba dogs. This piece of 100% cotton cloth can serve as a washcloth, dishcloth, or to dry hands when on-the-go; they are also often used as headbands, decorations, or for wrapping bottles or gifts. 

The "chu-sen" technique of hand-dyeing dates back to the Meiji Period in Japan, and continues to be used today by companies such as Kamawanu who bring new life to the technique.

Measures 13.5 x 35.5"

Note: As this product is hand-dyed, there may be some loss of color when laundering. Hand wash separately from other items.  The weft (horizontal thread) at either end may fray; this will, however, stop and a fringe will form after approximately 1cm has frayed. 


33 x 180cm


Hand wash separately


100% cotton