Johanna Gullichsen

Placemat NEREUS

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Richly woven placemats that feature subtle gradations of color and geometric patterns.

These placemats will elevate one's kitchen or dining room space.  All styles compliment each other, so feel free to mix and match. 


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14.1" x 18.5"


Machine wash cold, low heat dry.


100% cotton


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Johanna Gullichsen

Finnish textile designer Johanna Gullichsen was born in Somero, southern Finland. Before discovering an interest in textiles, she studied art history, literature, and languages at the University of Helsinki. She then pursued education, specializing in weaving, at Porvoo Crafts School. Based in Helsinki, Gullichsen explores and gains inspiration from handwaving techniques and patterns. For her, craft is a living design tool, always included in the narrative of her textiles. Her ready-made products are defined by the fabric itself; by its material or pattern.

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