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Choose from two varieties of tea by Sing Tehus in Copenhagen:

Green tea: White Downy and Sencha are the delicate teas in this special blend. Dried pieces of grapefruit add freshness and compliment the taste of white and green tea. Vanilla adds beautifully a touch of floral sweetness. Ginger and a light sprinkle of cinnamon gives this tea a slightly spicy aftertaste. 

Herbal Tea: This herbal tea is an exciting and tasteful combination of orange peel, fennel, flowers, and lemongrass. Greek Mountain, also known as Sideritis, is a common plant in the Mediterranean region and adds a unique touch to this herbal tea.

Comes in a resealable 70 gram bag. 

Sing Tehus

Sing Tehus is the first tea house of its kind in Denmark, with a great focus on Asian culture with a special view on health and quality.  In China and Japan, authentic teahouses play a major role in social contexts as meeting places for artists and intellectuals.  One of the cornerstones of Japanese culture, the japanese tea ceremony dates back to the 1600s and contains a complexity that takes many years of study.   Sing Tehus has been working since 2006 to spread the knowledge of inspirational culture and tasteful teas. Sing Tehus relievers high quality tea in a wide variety and has its own imports of tea from Japan.  

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