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Yamenotsuyu Matcha Tea Powder

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Yame no tsuyu is one of the finest quality of matcha teas. The taste is full of character and the consistency is creamy. In the aftertaste you may experience notes of grass and seaweed as well as a bitter chocolate aftertaste This matcha has slightly mild bitters, which also helps to give body and taste.

Matcha consists of the finest leaves from this year’s first harvest, 1st flush also called ichi ban cha. The shrubs have been covered with “roof” of bamboo mats so that the leaves are not exposed to direct sunlight. After the fine fresh leaves have been picked, they are steamed and dried, after which they are ground in a stone mill to a very fine powder. Matcha has an invigorating effect and a high content of vitamins as well as antioxidants, including catechins.

This tea from Hoshino Seichaen, is produced by a family-run company founded in 1946 and today is run by the brothers Yamaguchi, who over the last 10 years have trained the next generation to take over in the near future. Hoshino Seichaen is a well-known and widely recognized tea producer in Japan Hoshino Seicha is home to Yame in Fukuoka. Ingredients: green tea Matcha is the tea one uses in the Japanese tea ceremony.

Tin canister contains 20 Grams of Matcha Powder.